Israel’s right-wing government will give the West’s left-wing antisemites endless cover to promote hatred of Jews.
Probe International’s Patricia Adams joins The Andrew Lawton Show to discuss the China election interference story that keeps on growing.
Abundant evidence attests to widespread infiltration by China’s Communist Party (CCP) into the Canadian parliament and Canadian institutions.
We see you. An intimate look at the youth detained for their first public moment in the face of systematic suppression.
By Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon, published by The Epoch Times While most governments of democracies, and all governments of tyrannies, strive to…
A bailout of Ukraine would benefit Wall Street and China’s investors.
Unlike other countries, Canada keeps stalling in countering communist China's ability to determine parliamentary outcomes.
Following the greatest repudiation of the left in Israeli history, right-wing lawmakers are aggressively honoring their election promises.
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Lawrence Solomon Uncensored
Lawrence Solomon Uncensored
Lawrence Solomon Uncensored
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